2012 is a year that will go down as one of our favourites

21st Dec 2012 by john tait

The Olympics came, relayed and went; the Queens Jubilee celebrations went on for what seemed like 60 years; and thanks to Gangnam Style, no Christmas party in the land will be without a sweaty man with his tie wrapped around his head pretending to ride a horse. And then there was Jimmy Saville, but we'll not talk about that. And for us, the year was busy. Very busy! We designed and built websites for new, start-up businesses and we built them for large, established business; we provided art and print-work for bakers, retailers and estate agents; we provided a flashmob for an agricultural show and we have worked with a variety of businesses to build client bases and increase revenue by great design and innovative communications strategy. Dawns business has grown from an idea to a successful business : www.themastercakesmith.co.uk Corinne turned a dilapidated cottage into a boutique holiday experience : www.wild-plum.co.uk First Class Supply diversified into Technical Recruitment and are dominating the market : www.firstclasstech.co.uk Short Richardson & Forth are building on over 30 yrs experience since their new site was launched : www.srflegal.co.uk And some dedicated anglers and beat owners are seeing huge success from their new venture : www.tweedbeats.com If you are looking for one of the premier regional property developers, take a look at: www.jameschapple.co.uk/ Got wood? No, not that saucy! Get yourself stocked up with a kiln dried load at: www.the-woodshack.co.uk/ Dont hedge your bets (Im here all week..) at: http://www.hedge-row.com/ And take a look at another couple of really fantastic holiday locations complete with some great photography: www.millhouse-cottage.co.uk/ and www.thorneyhaugh.co.uk/ This years Glendale show saw a flashmob : www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jg8Ovkm8ipU Judith OReilly has written a new book : www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmBhU_1M4GY And the Woodhsack. Well, just watch : www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9nZ8UkqLFk The ID machine has been working like the old workhorse it is (or should we say he is!) so keep an eye out for these lovely logos; The Hedgerow, Brunton House & Cottages, Wildplum, YoungsRPS, Fantasy Prints & Deyns Deli to name just a few. Our Social Media Management packages have proved hugely popular and now many people are seeing real returns from the effective use of platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. We see the opportunities in this sector expanding further next year and have some exciting projects underway including multi-lingual Tweeting! Our joint venture portfolio has also grown over the past 12 months and we now have an involvement in a diverse range of businesses from recruitment to educational marketing - and just about everything in between. So we wish you all a happy new year and we look forward to working with you in 2013.

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