A Service, not a Product

27th Feb 2017 by

A service, not a product.

Whichever bright spark first said that "the customer is always right" was a moron. I mean, do you remember when Homer Simpson’s brother let Homer design a car?

The customer isn’t always right. If they were always right, they’d not only be the customer but they’d be the most skilful and multi-talented business people to have ever graced the earth.

When I go to see my mate Mark the Mechanic (not to be confused with Mike and the Mechanics off of the ’80’s) I usually say something like “it makes a weird noise when you go round the corner” and because he’s the professional, he goes away and fixes it. I don’t go to him and tell him that the left phalangy is missing. He’s the sort of bloke who’d tell me where to go.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect people’s opinions, tastes and feelings. I’m a real metrosexual you know – I’ve even been known to carry a satchel. But as the great Henry Ford once said “if I’d have listened to what my customers wanted, I’d have made a faster horse”

Sometimes you do just have to put your trust in the professionals.

Personally, I can’t take any credit for the wonderful websites and beautiful brands that get created at Lazy Grace HQ – they’re the fantastic creations of my esteemed colleagues who know their way round a pen and a keyboard. They’ve been using the tools of their trade since they were knee high to a grasshopper. James still is knee high to a grasshopper.

What it means is that they really do tend to know best when it comes to what colours work, what fonts look good and which ones look awful and the best way to lay out a website.

Now if you’re still reading this you’re probably thinking “what a bunch of handsome know-it-all’s they are at lazy grace. I shan’t go there” but that’s not true (the know-it-all part, at least).

What I’m trying to get at is that we see all of our design work as a service – not a product – and we approach every single project this way, backed up by millions of years of graphic design experience.

The very first stage of this process is a meeting, and everyone loves a meeting don’t they?

In this meeting we discuss likes, dislikes, brand values, colours, fashion what the weather’s been like… before we even think about putting pen to paper.

And then the magic happens.

This is where the service part continues; instead of searching google for “snazzy logo for bakery” Mark goes all creative on us and does oodles of research before announcing that he is happy with the 3 or 4 versions he has conjured up. These are the versions that are then presented to you – our loyal and loving customer.

In fact what you’re actually paying for is to challenge your perceptions and highlight some opportunities that you may never have actually thought about.

When you know, you know.

It is at this stage that things can be fine-tuned and ironed out, but one thing we’re sure of is that any of the logo or branding options that you are presented with, each and every one would work with your brand.

After all this is done and you’re 100% happy with what we’ve done you now have a product. And we’re sure it will be one that will represent the values of your brand and will last the test of time.

And we’ll bet a Chunky KitKat it will be much nicer than you ever imagined…..

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