Aint no cure for the Summertime news!

    3rd Jul 2012 by

    Well the usual excitement and inevitable disappointment of the football has made way for the excitement and inevitable disappointment of the tennis - a sure sign that we are well and truly into our traditional British summer of floods, hose pipe bans, more floods and then - yep - more hose pipe bans! And while all that happens well still be beavering on regardless because the helpful people at NBSL have a big pot of money to spend on North East businesses. Funding is available for both Start Up's and existing businesses of up to 40%, and they are keen to support as many North East businesses as they can by offering funding towards a wide range of projects to help make your business grow. And to top it off, we're on their suppliers list, so you can rest assured the work you get will be flipping marvellous. Pay a visit to their website, or call Tom Wilkinson on 07976 589 891 and tell him we sent you... We've also got a new boy to pick on, which is nice, please welcome Ian McAllister who is going to be our Account Manager. Ian used to work for MTV and has a wealth of experience and achieves great brand awareness from very tight budgets. He is going to be working with you to provide innovative marketing advice, social media plans & deliverance and on-going account support to make sure you get the very best value for money from your marketing spend. So onto work then: Well, in no particular order, the websites we've been working on are: SRF Legal - if ever you're in trouble theres no one better to get you out of it! And if you need to leave the country for any reason (or even if you just want a holiday) you can stay at 232 Sandy Ridge Drive in Orlando - they have a lovely new ID and website courtesy of us. If you're fancying a treat you could order a cake from Dawn Renahan - The Master Cakesmith - she has a fab new website - cakes are for life not just weddings! Or you could cook up a storm yourself with the help of Jane Lovett - she is currently flying high with the launch of her new website which coincides with her very first cook book. The Woodshack have a new ID and website, Millhouse Cottage had a web overhaul along with Perfect Stay (who used to be Availabilit-e) and Bywell Shooting Ground is now bang up to date with a new site (bang up to date - see what I did there?). The logo machine has been working full tilt too and we have a stack of new logos to set free - however, as usual, our clients are struggling to pick their favourites (because they're all so good of course!) but once they have we will unleash them for your perusal. One other thing that we should mention is this new Cookie Law malarky - It is all to do with how you use cookies for storing information on another users equipment such as their computer or mobile device and the fact that you now have to gain their permission to do so. Blah blah, we know - but hey, it's da law fella! So, to get your website legal you need a permission statement clearly displayed on your web site - take a look at our spangly example at the top of this website. We are batch scheduling these updates in over the next couple of months at a cost of 50 VAT per website, so if you want to be included, just drop us a line at and we'll do the rest. To help you make sense of Cookiegate we've made this short public information video - now pay attention - its important!

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