Choosing a payment gateway

20th Feb 2017 by Charlie Allombert

Choosing a payment gateway online

As consumer online sales volume nears one trillion dollars, the world of online payments is increasingly crowded and difficult to navigate. Online payments over the past twenty years have evolved tremendously and it's not too long ago that paying for goods online and expecting a stranger to deliver them like millions do daily on ebay was inconceivable.

In 2017, the online payments landscape is more competitive than ever and the largest players in the business are lowering their prices and improving their offerings. Payment gateways are now offering contract free accounts and others even offer options that do not require a merchant account and the incurred monthly fee.

Not only that but many companies have created solutions which allow businesses to embed their checkout insde their sites while remaining completely PCI compliant.

Other companies are exploring different methods of paying online such as GoCardless which offers direct debits solutions at lower costs than tradtionnal card payments. More and more, gateways are looking at innovative and simpler ways to allow consumers to pay online.

At times where companies like Apple Pay, Amazon or Google are attempting to make the world cardless and replace cash altogether, it is certain that online payments and consumerism will evolve vastly over the next few years so it is ever so important to search for the gateway that matches your needs.

Payment gateways still make it difficult for businesses to find out their rates so if you want to shop around and lower your gateway costs, please get in touch.

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