Clarkson (again), websites and the weather

29th Jun 2015 by

My oh my, doesn’t time fly? Just like with Mr Clarkson, so much has changed. He’s gone from being suspended to sacked to off the Beeb for good and we’ve been busier than busy people on a busy day.

And here we are, the day after the last episode of Top Gear looking at our news page thinking how you’d be forgiven for thinking that we only ever write news when Clarko’s involved!

So hello to you all – how’ve you been? We’ve had a lot of weather for this time of year haven’t we?

Us? Oh, we’re fine thank you – we’ve been ever so busy, so busy that we’ve not had time to write a news story! (excuses, excuses….). New clients, old clients, holidays – you know the sort of thing.

No honestly, we’ve been very busy indeed. If you don’t believe me then feast your eyes at this!

The wonderfully busy and innovative folk at Northumbria Coast & Country Cottages have had us working our fingers to the bone giving their site a bit of a makeover and making it responsive at the same time, so now you can find your dream holiday if you’re browsing the internet on your home cinema system or your iWotsit.

Greystead Rectory – possibly the most unique holiday accommodation that we have ever worked on – commissioned a website and not wanting to miss a good opportunity to see the place we sent our James down with his camera to take some snaps of the place too.

We only ever really speak to our accountants once a year at tax return time, so made a new years resolution this year to speak to them more. The first conversation with the Alnwick Accountants was “do you want a new website” and fortunately they’ve been really pleased with the one that we made them! Once more, James and his camera were on hand to capture the goings on in the office

Tired of the website that they’ve had for some years, the delightful owners of Greycroft B&B in Alnwick decided that a revamp was in order, so we set about taking some fresh images, writing them some dazzling copy and designing and building them a new site!

We hit the 2000th client mark too! We’re currently in the process of designing and developing a new site so watch this space as we’re sure to make a bit of a noise about it when it’s ready!

Some other new clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with in the last few months have included Felton Park Greenhouse, Heartscan and Synergy. We've also been providing ongoing marketing and support for a racecourse, an engineering firm, a holiday provider and a retail outlet!

So that’s where we’re at – thanks for asking and checking in on us!

There are a lot of exciting new developments in the pipeline over the next few months, and not just design or technology – there is a bit of innovation, some unusual event type stuff and maybe even a bit of trumpet blowing!

You’ll have to stay tuned to find out though…..

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