Do as we say, don't do as we do

1st Jul 2013 by

The key to a news, blog or update section on your website is to keep it current and up to date. Customers who visit your site want to see that the site is being updated and each time they return to it, there is something new for them to read. You don't have to update it daily, and not even weekly but as long as you can do so at least every month then you will keep your website looking current. As all good, current and frequently updated news sections should do, here's what we have been up to for the last..... 6 months. Websites, well loads. The same goes for print, I.D, branding, PR campaigns and marketing. Jonny and James are in the process of building our new website, so details of all of these (and more) will find their way to the new site shortly. A notable big thing was the Simonside Challenge, a soapbox derby organised in the stunning simonside hills. We organised this to a) raise money for the Percy Hedley Foundation and b) show the world what we can do with a bit of imagination, creativity and enthusiasm. The PR that we achieved off the back of it was phenomenal - we were on the radio talking (at massively high speed) to Anne Luchers at the BBC, on the air with Yvonne, talking at far more regular speed and in the Journal, Chronicle, Gazette, Herald, Advertiser.... blah blah blah. We were in the press more than Lady Percy's wedding at one stage! You can see all of the pictures from the day and a video at Are we doing one next year? We'll see.... We also had a massive raffle to raise funds with prizes galore donated from Alnwick Garden, Turnbull's of Alnwick, Bamburgh Castle, Harcar Property.. and many many more. And if you already knew about this and crossing your fingers, results are here : So all in all, it's been a busy old time! But that isn't an excuse for not updating our news section. Consider us well and truly told off and keep your eyes peeled for our beautiful, spralking and downright magical website which will be coming the old internet very soon!
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