free-range designers - sod the chickens!

5th Jan 2015 by

Good old Hugh Jamie Whittonstall Oliver - we love him. No really, we do.

We all signed up to his "Chicken Out" campaign to help raise the welfare standards of the poor old chickens in a jiffy. It's got to be common sense was our thinking, surely animals raised in a natural healthy environment will do better and be more productive than those stuffed into a cramped, smelly, artificial space - of course they will!

Which got us thinking, if it's good enough for them chickens surely the legions of creative types stuck staring at a screen in a compartmentalized little booth would be healthier and more productive with a bit of natural environment around them.

So we made this screen save of the view just out of the office for them to download. Hey, you can have it too if you'd like. Designer Oot - that's what we say!

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