Our New School Year

19th Sep 2014 by

All very busy here at lazy HQ! Marks been going through pencils at a rate of knots designing beautiful brands and lovely logos for clients such as Kelso Racecourse, NE1i, Torture Trails and Dined Out all particularly varied jobs, but no great shakes for the man who designed the interpretation boards at Bamburgh Castle! James and Jonny the Batman and Robin of web design have been trying to out-geek each other with new websites and technology in the form of Eduworks, This Little Farmer, James Nottingham, LandFactor, Mark Turnbull, Burgham Horse Trails and Turvey Westgarth. There hasnt been a clear winner, so the grand finale is going to have to be a Big Bang Theory themed quiz. And Ian and John have been answering the age old question of What do John and Ian actually do? by providing marketing and PR support to a variety of clients on retainers and organising a B2B expo and networking group in Alnwick, Network Northumberland.
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