15th Jan 2017 by Charlie Allombert

As a small business, it is easy to overlook the importance of having an online presence but as people are now browsing on their mobile more than on desktops, a well designed responsive website is more important than ever.

48% of people cited design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business and 38% are more likely to contact a local business that has a mobile site. This isn't to say you need a brand new website every six months but it does mean what you look like online reflects heavily on your business and your brand.

Web responsiveness, which simply means the ability to resize to different sizes is becoming more important for your visitors but also for search engines like Google which will now favour a site which has a mobile version and show which sites are responsive when your browse online.

As people increasingly make decisions online, it is crucial to have a website that reflects effectively your image both on desktop and mobile.

Since 2015, more people are browsing the internet on mobile than desktop and the trend is due to accelerate in the next few years when it is estimated mobile traffic will be twice as high as desktop traffic.

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