So you think your website is working for you?

6th May 2015 by

You’ve spent ages thinking about doing it, a while getting it designed and built and now it’s launched. So surely now you can put your feet up, pour yourself a drink and wait for the customers to be hammering down your door?

If that’s what you think then you don’t deserve a website. The website Police will be knocking on your door to take it back from you in no time.

Ask anyone who has been there and done it and what they will tell you is that the hard work starts after you have launched your site.

Mr Amazon (which I don’t think is his real name) didn’t launch his clever little site and pour a Martini whilst people bought his books. He went out and told people how great it was, why they should abandon the high street and how easy – with the mere click of a button – they could buy more books than they had time to read.

And it worked, because that’s what we did.

A great man once said “With all of the information available online, from the marvels of Ancient Egypt to the wonders of the Solar System, all the internet has really done for us is to make it easier to spend money we don’t have on crap we don’t need”.

Go Get ‘Em

Website, tick. Up to date content, tick. Customers?

The launch of your website is just another step into the field of business success. You should treat your website as another tool for your communication plan, to drive people – ultimately – to your product. Whether that be in a shop, on a website or in the back of your van.

Too much time is spent tweaking text, changes images and jiggling the order of things. And even more time is spent wondering and guessing – guessing what your customer is doing on your site, what pages they are visiting and why they’re not engaging with you.

Google analytics is great. And it’s free.

But it is underutilised, and this is mainly down to understanding. The first step is to understand what it is – the second is to understand what it does.

We have done a lot of analysis recently for our clients on website behavioural patterns and the results have been enlightening.

We can see what percentage of people arrive on your website at what page, how long they stay there and where they go next. And for how long. And then where.

Think how invaluable this information could be for your website. If you knew that 80% of visitors landed on your site on the “About” page, wouldn’t it then make sense to feature a call to action on this page to encourage them to see what you have to offer? And if 60% of these visitors then left the site altogether then this probably indicates that they didn’t’ immediately find what they were looking for.

I could go on, but I shan’t - instead, why not come up to the office for a coffee and a free, no obligation chat where we can go through some of our analytical reports (not as boring as they sound) and figure out how we can help your business convert more visitors into buying into your product.

Alternatively, you could spend some time finding out more about our Solar System and the infinite galaxies beyond it. Or buying a second hand copy of Dale Winton’s Autobiography – it’s your money, after all.

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