Summertime and the living is lazy!

22nd Jul 2011 by john tait

Looking back on our news section, it always seems to begin with an apology over the delay in doing a new one, its a bit like confession really. "It's been three months since my last news story.." and of course, this ones no exception! So we're sorry its been a while. But hey, summer is well and truly here! And to prove it we've got rain and winds from the north. Still, in Northumberland we've learnt to live with the nuances of the climate rather than moaning about it. Its only a bit of water after all. In the office, we now have 3 people regularly cycling to work and our Laura walks to work - which is a bit of a statement considering where we are. We are saving so much carbon here I think its about time the government paid us to be honest, maybe we should start drilling for oil to balance things up! The spring season flew past in a blur of daffodils and work in an atmosphere of stunned bewilderment that something as evil as Geordie Shore actually got on TV. So on to more relevant bits and bobs, here's some of the stuff that's been keeping us tied to our desks over the past few months take a deep breath and: brand new websites were launched for Sale & Partners, starting with a lovely new ID , were back in the Alpaca World with Fallowfield Alpacas, a new ID there too and Starchild now have a funky new website to sell there funky shoes on We hesitate to mention him again after those alleged incidents at Glastonbury, but as Bono would say, "Get on your boots" - and follow the trail maps and interpretation boards that we designed and produced for Northumberland Estates We've also been working on top secret packaging solutions for one of our long standing and most favorite clients but more about that when its less top secret! And what better to finish off with than ice cream? We had a great studio session photographing ice cream for Doddington Dairy's retail menu not as easy as you think with hot studio lights and a picky photographer, ahem, and of course we had to dispose of the ice cream afterwards - that bit wasn't so hard! All in all a busy few months behind us with the prospect of a busy few months ahead too nothing new there then! Its been a bit of a surreal few months outside of Lazy Grace though - what with earthquakes, economic meltdowns and the disappearance of The News of The World. Proof, if any is needed, that we live in an ever-changing world where today's facts are tomorrows memories. This got us thinking about how we work. In an industry fueled by rapid technological progress it's hugely important for us to hang on to a sense of perspective and an understanding of exactly what it is we provide for our clients. Yes, we design and develop fantastic websites and yes, we produce beautiful print work - but in reality these are simply the mediums our messages are delivered on. The real, unique and valuable aspect of the process is the creativity behind the message. The truth is just about anyone can make you a website these days - but a site that you can truly build a brand on AND make you money? That takes a whole new set of skills. It reminded our art director about his very first brush with the design world - an epiphany if you will. He was just a young pup at his first year art college with hair and everything. In the preliminary interview for the course he was asked what he thought design was. "Er, it's when you draw a logo or something" was his reply. Probably a typical response from a sixteen year old. But then came the real answer from the lecturer, "Design is everywhere - the enrollment form you filled in, the clothes you're wearing, the chair you're sitting on, the poster on the wall, this room and this building were all designed by somebody, even that preposterous Leo Sayer-esq perm on to of your head. Nothing here happened by accident". So I guess that this is the point - we are designers first and foremost. We always start with the most basic thing, an idea. We fine tune it, develop it, balance it with commercial opportunity and work with you to deliver it in whatever format is required. This may not be what you first imagined you wanted, but through a process of getting under the skin of your product and your market from a consumers perspective, we're pretty sure it'll be what you need - whether its a button badge, a twenty page product brochure or a full eCommerce web site well be there to help you to get your message out there - wherever that is!
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