Waiting for a bus.

10th Oct 2014 by

Websites - they're like buses. You wait for ages for one then it comes along, doesn't stop and splashes you from a puddle.

A little update for you if you're interested in a) what we are doing here at lazy HQ or b) hiring tools, recruiting teachers or accesorising your home. Oh, or the sun setting up Simonside.

Max Hire - your local, friendly and devlishly handsome tool hire company - have launched their new site at www.maxhire.co.uk, as have sunderland based teacher recruitment experts Premier Teachers and the frankly fashionable, funky and fantastic Decorative Branches.

And as if we hadn't been busy enough, we packed Jonny and James off to Simonside the other night to report back on the sunset. James did us proud....

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