We don't just sell picks and shovels

3rd Mar 2015 by

There's nothing like the lure of easy money to bring out the irrational in people.

Take the Klondike Gold Rush that happened in Canada's Yukkon territory. In only one year between 1898 - 1899 the area's population peaked at over 40,000. Considering the area was basically unpopulated, you can imagine the stresses and the living conditions must have been a tad "Rustic". And although there was a fair bit of gold dug out of them thair hills, gold nuggetnot very many people got rich. In fact it is often said that the best way to make money from a gold rush is to set up shop - and sell picks and shovels to the miners!

With all the hullabaloo around the internet being the saviour of business as we know it, it was perhaps inevitable that a degree of the irrational would come to the industry. However part of our job is not only to build the websites (ie. Sell the picks and shovels!) but to help make them profitable. But we've even gone beyond this by combining forces with selected clients and starting joint ventures utilizing their knowledge and our expertise. In other words, we're quite prepared to roll our sleeves up and wield a pick at a rockface or two if we think we know where the gold is.

Next time you're getting a quote for a website, ask the salesman if they'd be interested in that one!

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