Well hello Winter!

16th Nov 2011 by john tait

Months pass by in a flash and before you know your last news story was yesterdays virtual fish and chip wrapper over 3 months ago. What can we say? we've been busy! No apologies this time - this is the way it is, and it works - because we do! So, lets start with Herman, who for the last 40 days has been hanging about the office helping us gain a few pounds in preparation for the winter ahead. Herman's a cake mix. Not any old cake mix, he's a very old cake mix! So old in fact that no-one actually knows his age, he could be older than you or I and he lets us know he's still alive by bubbling away in a corner - just like good old Jimmy Saville, always there for you - oh hang on a minute... Why am I telling you about a geriatric old cake called Herman? Because he really is astonishingly profound! In all honestly in a super creative design studio such as lazy grace, things do spiral all over the place from time to time - but however elaborate, exciting and extraordinary the thought process and no matter how many dead-ends or blind alleys we bump into, we get through it and we deliver. The journey is often surprising, always invigorating and frequently frightening but its always rewarding - much like being introduced to Herman. You see you cant just go and pick up Herman in a shop like some cheap old Aunt Bessie floozie cake mix because hes simply not for sale. He has to be given freely from one person to another and boy is he strong, despite the runny appearance and fluffy outcomes he is one tough little cookie! Eating an age old cake that's passed through countless kitchens does require a leap of faith and for this reason we plunged right in! Which leads us to the final note, as you can see in the pic - hes not the best looking cake in the world - that's not to say hes the worst either mind - but without all the fancy extras so he's really reeeeally easy to work with and ooooh mamma does he taste good! In a nutshell, Herman's our kind of cake - trustworthy, been around the block a bit, knows his onions, no fancy-pants fluff, slightly peculiar, absolutely unique, punches above his weight and will always leave you fulfilled. Stick that on yer spoon and lick it Nigella! Anyway enough cake based blather. Since July we've launched a lovely bunch of websites and new brand identity all of which have been nurtured by the love of the lazy graceful ones, treated individually and tailor made with care, consideration and respect. Check out these bonnie new creations, proof that we haven't just been lazing about all summer, Bywell Country Clothing, Healthy Thirst, Brainwaves Therapy Stephen Willcox Builders, Ovenstones Installation Ltd, CBA - Crowther Ballantyne Associates, Solec NE, GFW Renewables, GFW Water Value, My Artz Desire, Harmony Duo, Joyce Matthews, Thornyhaugh Farm, Tweedline and Lane Farm Equestrian As well as this lot, we've been up to our eyes in a total packaging solution for the retail product selection for Harmony Duo, soon to be on a Mothercare shelf near you as well as many premium stores. Ongoing work and joint ventures have also had a huge impact on the last few months. We've also been working with some of the regions leading legal firms to help identify their unique routes to market in these very strange times. This is an ongoing process and has uncovered some hugely exciting opportunities - look out for the specific information on these projects in the months to come. This additional workload has meant that we are once again considering looking for great new people to join us. Specific details to follow, but if you are a great designer, developer, studio manager, divvent be a shy bairn. No doubt next news story will be next year, so until then - enjoy Herman should you be lucky enough for him to come your way, hes got soul... but hes not a solider!
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