Went Bananas

2nd Dec 2011 by mark stenton

Last Saturday I stepped into the world famous Banana Studios for a day of Tribal Fashion Photography. Eric's studio is wonderful with a relaxed friendly atmosphere, a brilliant team, loads of props, lights, and great nibbles! Mixing with other photographers was inspiring, helpful and quite amusing too - model direction really can be as cliche as "Oh Yes, That's FANTASTIC - Yes! Hold it - Oh you're beautiful". I stuck with a less flamboyant approach using lines such as "Imagine you're looking for someone in a crowd" or "Someone over there just made you laugh", but thankfully the models were great so I didn't really need to say much at all. Here is a small selection of favorites from a grand total of 484 photographs, hope you like them. I certainly enjoyed taking them so don't hesitate to give us a holler if you require a photographer. This Saturday I'm stepping into Christmas with lights, decorations, card making and of course a healthy dose of Dean Martin ♥ Enjoy yours!

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