Abbotsford House is a magical place conceived,
built and lived in by Sir Walter Scott
until his death in 1832.

During his lifetime, Sir Walter wrote a stack of novels, poetry and plays that have made it onto the classics list such as; Ivanhoe, Rob Roy, The Lady of the Lake and the Waverley novels. The success of his literary output could probably be compared to that of JK Rowling today.

But the books were only a start. Scott's true legacy went way, way beyond the literary world. Think Scotland of romantic history and you are conjuring the glamours woven by the imagination of this one man. The rugged tartan-clad highlander with a unwavering sense of duty ferocious in battle - Think Braveheart and you get the idea. Then there's the castles with fairy-tale turrets and chocolate-box locations - The Royal estate of Balmoral being a classic - and architecturally modelled very much on Scott's Abbotsford home. Even the way the Scottish nation perceives itself and is perceived by the outside world is very much a vision of Scott's presentation.

It was only fitting that the website to present the magic of his home was something special. Very much a starting point, this project lays the foundation to tell the story of the place as somewhere to visit, to spend time in, to enjoy your wedding or special family get together and also to stay in as an exclusive holiday home. But it's also a hub to investigate the magic of Scott's life and his may achievements.

It was also crucial that the content management of the website be flexible, simple and intuitive to allow the Abbotsford team the ability to alter and update any part of the website themselves whenever they need to.

Discover the magic - discover Abbotsford.

"Finding an agency which really gets your brand, comes forward with truly creative suggestions for connecting with your audience, delivers on time and budget, and is a joy to work with is a rarity. Lazy Grace has been all this. It has been a pleasure to move Abbotsford's creative and digital work to John and his team."

Giles Ingram - Chief Executive at Abbotsford, The Home of Sir Walter Scott.

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