The (not so) secret garden

It's a huge asset locally, it's wildly popular, in places it's a little bit off the wall and it's the creation of a Duchess. No not us, silly - The Alnwick Garden and Treehouse. John doesn't like us calling him a Duchess anymore. Not since... Oh, it doesn't matter.

As the gardens have been in the Percy family since 1750, when the current Duchess redeveloped them and opened them to the public in 2001 they realised that they needed a little bit of help with the design side of things. So in step lazy grace with our often underrated off the wall approach to things.

The poison garden within Alnwick Garden - if you haven't visited - is a homage to stuff that will kill you.

This in itself captured our attention so we set about creating a poison garden guide book and corresponding merchandise so that visitors could recreate that "near death experience" from the comfort of their own homes. With a nice cup of tea. And a HobNob.

And so we present to you the Poison Garden guidebook. Not only is it a book stuffed full of poison plant info and folklore but it's adorned with illustrations, photography and creative genius. It's almost worth buying for this alone. As you can imagine, the research alone was time consuming enough so when Mark donned his famous "don't interrupt me I'm thinking / drawing / ignoring you glasses, we knew that he was in for the long run.

We also designed the original 64 page guidebook and provided photography, which involved John scaling a crane - he still shudders about to this day.

Now if that's not going over and above for a client, we don't know what is. Dig a little deeper and you can add to this T shirts, aprons, calendars, confectionary, signage, product development and a full rebrand for the hugely popular membership scheme aimed at garden friends and lovers. You'll have to ask them about that, as out of context it appears quite strange ...

Most recently, we undertook a full rebrand for the Treehouse Restaurant - Alnwick's highest and most woodiest restaurant.

From initial design discussions it was clear that they needed something classy, contemporary and clean and as you will see from the imagery, we hit the nail on the head. We subsequently designed and produced menus and wedding materials incorporating this clean branding.

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