You know when an illustrator is recommended by one of the greatest comic artists in the world, they are going to be good!

Daniel Weatheritt is a local lad with a big talent. An illustrator for as long as he can remember, Daniel needed a showcase that would be as unique as his work.

So obviously he came to Lazy Grace!

Often throwing creative's together can be a messy affair - but not so here. We understood Daniel's unique work absolutely and he trusted us enough to take it and present it through a robust, elegant and commercially savvy medium.

The resulting website retains the charm and character of Daniel's often bizarre take on the world while being bang up to date in terms of the medium it works in.

"My website is essential for the ongoing development of my creative practice and the work of Lazy Grace has been pivotal in making my work more accessible to clients across the country and beyond.

It's comforting to know that they understand the nature of my business and have the ability to work to a tight design specification. The team are always on hand to provide useful feedback and James has been great at answering all of my web/tech questions, with solid advice for my future website developments."

Daniel J. Weatheritt, DJW Design, Illustration & Creative Workshops

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