Pistols at dawn?

When Anne-Marie Trevelyan told us she wanted to Dual the A1, we thought she was bonkers. Pistols at Dawn? The Smallsword? Queensberry Rules? "We'll have some of what she's having" thought us.

So it was with a red face that - after a quick lesson in spelling and grammar - we realised we had the wrong end of the stick!

So, having binned the logos that all featured gentleman with fencing swords and a whole load of tarmac, we reconvened and created something more appropriate and fitting for a campaign to work for fully dualled A1 from Morpeth to the Scottish border.

The branding that we created worked as a basis on which to design the website and you may even see it around and about Northumberland attached to vehicle bumpers and windscreens. In fact, it was taken even further when numerous bill boards between Morpeth and The Scottish Borders were erected with Anne-Marie's smiley face on, the photo's for which were all taken in our fabulous photography studio!

The website was built as an ongoing, updateable platform for the campaign team to update with all relevant news and blog entries and has proved an invaluable source for the gathering of completed surveys which have all been presented to Parliament.

As a result of all of this hard work, that lovely chap with the big wallet George Osborne has agreed to escalate the findings to the big man so hopefully what started as a gentlemans gun fight will end in a super duper transport system! Who'd have thunk it?

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