The World's Best Botanically Brewed Beverages

When a 115 year old brand knocks on your door, you open it, invite it in for a nice cup of tea and a sit down.

Unless that brand happens to be Fentimans, in which case you open the open, pour it something soft and fizzy and crank out the tunes because they are one cool centenarian!

Kings of Ginger Beer, Masters of cola and Lords of tonic - call them what you will, but Fentimans have been causing a whole heap of botanically brewed fizz in the world of drinks and not just here on our shores, but Internationally too.

Whatever Fentimans do, they do in their own unique way and the website is no different. Not for them yet another same old Wordpress theme or click-and-build re-hash of some template website.

From blinking gents to waving flags to grinning mice, there really has been no embellishment spared.

We challenge you to try to spot all of the animations - we bet you won't. And so sure are we that we'll even shout you a cherry cola if you manage it!

Taking our initial inspiration from Edwardian period theatre poster designs we set about the task in hand - to create a bespoke, fully responsive website that would connect with not only their UK based audience but International customers too.

"We have built a great working partnership with Lazy Grace during the course of this exciting project. We set out to develop a unique website that allows consumer discovery of the Fentimans brand. The totally bespoke website that has been created achieves this objective in this world of template websites and out-of-the-box solutions. Lazy Grace have gone above and beyond what would be expected of an agency partner and are one of the few agencies I have experienced who have the in-house capability to achieve this level of work. As the brand continues to grow in both the UK and International markets, the new website will allow consumers to keep up to date with the Fentimans brand and our latest initiatives."

Andrew Jackson, Head of Marketing for Fentimans

Obtaining a solid stable of great product photography is essential to distinguish such a unique brand in what is a very crowded marketplace and we have begun the process of producing a suite of great studio and lifestyle images to be used throughout all of the communication routes.

With celebrity fans like Ed Sheeran they are making waves in the soft drink and mixer market so if you're not following them in some shape or form online, you're missing out!

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