Do you know what Glendale Engineering do? Us? We'd have said sheds, cattle equipment and trailers. Correct! But more. Oh, so much more...

Asda, Lidl, office blocks, student housing, hospitals, helicopter landing pads.. the list goes on..

So what they needed was a way in which to dispel the shed / cattle myth and show the world what the really do.

And how well they do it.

Rather than use words to tell you here's their video - shot, edited, scored and completely produced in-house by us.

So that's great - video done but now how to present these to potential customers?

Why, a website of course!

Off we popped to start engineering them a new site (see what we did there.) to really showcase the massive array of services they are able to offer. And what a process it was! At every step, we uncovered more and more offerings from them and had to find new ways to present them!

What we have developed is a website that will help them show the world quite how awesome they are!

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