Location, Location, Location

When property experts (and sisters) Christine and Mary first approached lazy grace, they were just a fledgling business with no company name, logo or website. But what they did have was a vision - “Keep it local & relevant” said they.

So into a brain storming session we went, armed with little more than pens and papers, coffee and hob nobs. “No man leaves until we have a name” insisted John and no man did. Not even for a “comfort break”. Fortunately, this meeting took little more than an hour so no-one died.

And thus, Harcar Property was born.

For those of you not in the know Big Harcar is the Island where Grace Darling undertook her daring mission to rescue a boat load of capsized sailors and Little Harcar is her little sister Island - both standing strong in the most turbulent of times.

Once you know that and you see the islands, the logo and name make sense.

The logical follow on from the name and logo was business stationery, To Let boards and website. And the company ran successfully for many happy years.

Then the credit crunch hit and as you’ll know, a company that specialises in investment and portfolio work has two options – head into a tailspin or slap themselves cleanly in the face and change path. Fortunately for us (oh, and harcar too, obvs) they slapped themselves clean and crisp in the face and steered the company in a totally different direction.

No more was the emphasis on investment and property refurbishments – now the primary concern of harcar was student lettings and property management. And by golly, they rolled with the punch.

What this meant was that they were now operating as a student friendly letting agent hindered slightly with an investor focused website and logo. Only one thing to do...


No longer hindered by the stuffy, stiff upper lip investment image of days gone by, they were able to play a bit more with the logo, message and website.

And that’s exactly what we did.

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