HeartScan provides expert and efficient cardiac screening and echocardiography services.

As one of the leading cardiologists in the country, Dr Antoinette Kenny knows a thing or two about hearts.

Which is a good thing when you are one of the key people who are tasked in seeking out any issues in this essential organ for some of the worlds greatest sportsmen and women.

Dr Kenny approached us with the germ of an idea in starting her own private cardio-scanning practice. After extensive chats and communication, we outlined a clear plan to get the business moving - design a great corporate identity then move on to an informative, elegant website to use as a first point of contact with potential clients.

We also designed a range of information materials designed to explain the services offered, who they were suitable for and what the implications are.

Photography is a crucial component of any website. We all know the old adage of a picture painting a thousand words and really apart from search engines, who reads websites anyway! However to communicate your product or service well in the crowded high street of the internet, you need GOOD photographs.

Getting a good shot of a spectacular scenic landmark like a castle or a beautiful professional model is one thing. Getting an brand-enhancing atmospheric shot of someone having a heart scan, well that is another matter! Difficult lighting conditions, technical equipment and non-professional models (no really!) mean that the guy pressing the shutter needs to know what he is trying to achieve and has the skills to do it. Fortunately our in-house photographer James laughs in the face of such challenges and bagged a heap of fantastic images to help illustrate the services of our client Heartscan.

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