Ah, 2003 - what a year.
The Black Eyed Peas demanded to know "Where is the love?", Dennis Watts came back to Eastenders after having been bumped off once already and Brookside called it a day...

...But overshadowing all of this was the launch of a shiny new micro-brewery - High House Farm Brewery over in Matfen.

It was a time for farm diversification and what a way to do it! Branding, website development, photography, pump clip designs, external signage and visitor centre display panels were all produced over the coming years as High House Farm Brewery went from strength to strength.

Now fast forward 12 years and picture the scene. Just a regular day in the LG offices with speculation as to who will be the next job to come in during this, the 10th anniversary year of being in our offices at The Granary (the #Granniversary never got trending...) and low and behold it's the brewers! Fireworks and celebrations a-plenty.

Their emphasis had shifted slightly; whilst still being a fantastic brewery, supplying beer throughout the North East they have become one of the Regions most talked about wedding venues and they wanted to shout about it.

What we decided upon was a full width, image heavy website that would look as good on a 65" TV as it would a Nokia 5110. In order to ensure that the venue was shown in the best way possible (we didn't want any Bridezilla's kicking off) we went along and snapped away, trying not to make a nuisance of ourselves in the process.

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