Sweet smell of success

When someone approaches you and describes themselves as industry experts in packaged sewage treatment plants, septic tanks and cesspools you sit up and listen.

You tentatively don’t breath through your nose for a bit – just in case, you know – but you listen.

So when the enigmatic Doddie Weir called us into his office for a chat, we headed a full speed to meet him. And he wasn’t exaggerating when he told us it was going to be a big meeting – there were 6 of us piled into a room no bigger than a Morris Marina, and Doddie himself is about 8 ft tall.

What unravelled from this and subsequent meetings wasn’t only that the site needed to be responsive – it also needed to be easy to navigate, simple and straightforward for everyone using it.

What we then created was a fully dynamic, product driven website which allows all who require it full control over the site - a success in anybody’s book.

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