Judith O’Reilly

Author of the hugely popular blog - that subsequently turned into a hugely successful book, Judith O'Reilly approached us to help get the book noticed throughout the viral community.

The starting point came from a YouTube promo for a book called, From Motherhood to Otherhood (Go on, go take a look). This was a really nice and well executed piece of work. Trouble was, no one was interested in it and it had only been viewed a handful of times. Classic example of art for arts sake.

Taking this as a warning, we endeavoured to produce a work as visually pleasing - but with the punch needed to get the thing noticed. Boy did it get noticed! Airings on national TV (Richard and Judy no less) and Book of the Week on Radio 4 brought the book to a whole new audience.

A truly great example of the power of a viral campaign.

Judith’s second book, A Year of Doing Good, required a different approach as a more “Traditional” info-video. Delivered in record time for a teeny budget, we even managed to rope our senior developer into a staring role!

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