Britain's Friendliest Course.

The Camptown ladies sing this song, Doo-da, Doo-da. The Camptown racetrack's five miles long. Oh, de doo-da day.

Kelso racetrack - on the other hand - is just over a mile long and we have never heard the ladies singing doo-da. Lots of other stuff on ladies day, but none of that is repeatable.

Kelso is officially "Britain's Friendliest Course" which is good synergy as we're Northumberland's friendliest agency.

They wanted someone to promote them to both committed race-goers and newbies looking for an exciting day out so we were "hands down" the "front runner"... sorry.

The website was a joy to make, Kelso supplied a bucket load of photos taken from around the course for us to use.

Their old website was a bit cumbersome so we designed them a simple to use e-commerce site, tickets to all the events are just a few clicks away and simple to purchase, plus everything you need to know about attending a race is all in there, trot on!

As kings of marketing, we were appointed to promote the racecourse in whichever way we saw fit. So we donned our marketing thinking trousers and came up with a plan, and in the words of a great man "We love it when a plan comes together".

Marketing, pr and social media for us all fall under the same umbrella - each is simply a route to the bigger picture which is communication. After careful deliberation and structured marketing plans were drawn up, we set about publicising the racecourse with the overall aim of increasing visitor numbers. As you will see from the statistics below, we think we have had some success.

Not everything these days is on the good old web - there is still a place for good old printed materials.

And in much the same way that you wouldn't want a car that is also as effective at flying (although saying that, it would be quite cool) we wouldn't simply transfer your website onto a piece of paper to dish out. So as such, we started with a full rebrand to bring the racecourse a bit more up to date. Once Mark had come up with a winner (I'm going to stop the racing puns now) he set about generating exhibition displays, promotional literature, stationery set and raceday material.

All of which were on the nose. Sorry.

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