One went to market, one stayed at home... had roast beef and the other had none. A modern day classic, not yet dramatised by the BBC.

Anyway, THIS little farmer had it all. Well, nearly all. She had cakes and she had slices. She had cakepops and she had gingerbread. But what she didn’t have was a website. Or printed material. Or exhibition stands. Or product photography. Alright, alright – she didn’t nearly have it all. But she did have cake. And throughout this process, so did we. And that is why we kept getting her in for meetings... Nom nom nom...

Trish had a successful business selling her home made, secret recipe (tell you and kill you territory) at various farmers markets and on her facebook page. But she wanted more. MORE I TELL YOU! Mr Kipling started to shake in his boots as Trish sought world dominance, armed with little more than a traybake and a spatula.

So where to start.

Firstly, we had to address the logo. It needed a bit of tidying up, so we got that sorted before we did anything! This led to a product photo shoot in the studio and in her commercial kitchen in order for us to make the cakes looks as delicious as they tasted. Once these were done, we were able to create a fantastic product catalogue that has been printed and reprinted more times than Vicky Price’s divorce papers.

With all this (oh, and an exhibition stand) in place, we finally address the lack of web presence by creating a personable, product driven website for Trish to showcase and sell her delicious grub from.

On the back of all of this extra exposure, Trish has been selling her wonderful wares in Fenwicks, Blagdon and various high quality farm shops throughout the county!

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