Come on, come on - let's work together

Network Northumberland is a newly set up networking group comprising like-minded people in Northumberland looking for regular, semi-formal meetings to discuss business, make new contacts and enjoy a burger and a pint.

Working in beautiful Rothbury is great. It's close to home, it's stunning and has everything we need for a relaxed environment to get on with our work in peace and quiet. However, whenever we want to network our little butts off, we find that end up having to go to the big city which immediately strikes the fear of god into us. Where will we park? Will we understand what they're saying? Will we get mugged? Can we leave our wellies at the door?

So, in a purely selfish and self-centred act, we decided to set up a networking group on our doorsteps networking in a way that we wanted to, where we wanted to and at what time we wanted to.

And to kick it all off we organised a B2B expo in Alnwick where we found that 25 other businesses wanted to exhibit, 6 wanted to host seminars, one wanted a special workshop (how fancy of him!) and almost 350 people wanted to come. Which sort of made us feel that maybe we weren't being as selfish and self-centred as we thought.

It took a lot of head scratching to come up with a suitable brand for this project. It had to be something professional, clean, bright and vibrant. It had to portray what the group stood for and reflect it being a friendly, not too formal concept.

Fortunately, Mark is a bit of a genius (but don't tell him we said that - he already has the 2nd largest head in the office) and managed to nail it first go. He then just started showing off a bit and gave us it in various guises - two alternative full logos and a device to use independently.

We also needed a website to promote the networking group and the expo.

The website we ended up with was more than fit for purpose; it was bright, responsive and interactive. It has longevity too, so now that the expo has been and gone, it doesn't mean we have to redesign the site. As with most of our new sites we have the ability to add, edit and remove subpages as and when we wish.

"We really enjoyed the Network Northumberland Expo, it was well organised with a good range of businesses exhibiting and visiting, the seminars were interesting and a bit unusual in approach which was great."

Melanie Thompson-Glenn - The Rural Growth Network

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