International bright young things

Project Advisors International operate on a global scale and as such needed an ID and website that would communicate their message across the globe. With offices in the USA (two of them!), Dubai and the UK, the brief was simple: create us a brand that works in all of these areas.

Our first job was to provide them with photography, and given the International status of their offices, we jumped at the chance. However, our swimming trunks were soon taken out of the rucksacks when we found out it was only actually the Morpeth branch that needed photographing but none the less, we set about it with gusto.

Next up was the ID process. Knowing that this would be the linchpin of the website, and all printed materials from Morpeth to Dubai, Mark cleared his schedule, sharpened his pencil and set about creating. After many hours and a small mountain of pencil sharpenings, he emerged victorious – and what he held aloft was an ID that would resonate eardrums around the world that PAI had been reborn.

Well, the client said that they liked it – that’s just my interpretation of events!

Without further ado, James – realising the size of the shoes he had to fill (uk 10) – set about designing a website like he had never done before. In silence. He did not speak for what seemed like days, though in reality was probably only minutes. What he said upon completion will remain in our psyche for evermore – “lads, I’ve finished”.


And thus was born – an International website to serve clients across the globe.

And maybe even further.

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