600 years in the making

Some logos do invariably take longer than others - as the actual tower, featured in Preston Tower’s logo, was shaped over its 600 years of existence it stands to reason that it took that long for the logo to be created - that’s got to be some kind of record!!

Actually - it was a lovely job to work on - with a super client who was really passionate about the turbulent history of the tower and how he was determined to keep it accessible to the public.

Initially the most important aspect of this brief was to create signage for the site that would 'blend in - but be noticed'.

Various production techniques were explored from powder coated aluminium tray signs, full colour printed dibond panels and finally CNC relief sand blasted timber.

This technique takes a digital file that we create and strips away certain areas of the wood using high tech sandblasting tables to bringing out the natural rough grain of the timber. The bits that are left un-blasted are raised from the rest of the sign with a super smooth surface and finished with long lasting exterior grade paint.

The result is fantastic - even if we do say so ourselves! - they are super tactile if you get up close and because they are digitally produced the detail that we can achieve is incredible.

Using the natural finish of the different types of wood really help the signs blend with the surroundings and at the same time be noticeable - job done ;)

The Tower itself is open 365 days of the year from dawn until dusk and the entrance fee is paid on an honesty basis - just pop your money in the box, take a leaflet, and go exploring.

That leads us on nicely - at the time when we started looking at the overall visitor experience at Preston Tower the leaflet that was available had been created by the current owner’s Grandfather and was starting to look a little - how shall we say - tired!

With a new logo in place we went full steam into a new flyer which gives a very brief history of the tower and includes an easy to read site map showing all the access areas and woodland walks.

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