Far from your average law firm

Short Richardson & Forth have provided specialist legal advice for over 30 years to individuals and businesses, both large and small (the businesses, not the people).

They are renowned for their specialist knowledge in the fields of debt, employment and property amongst many others and with an ever growing team needed help and advice to communicate their message and grow business accordingly.

When we received a phone call from a leading Newcastle based solicitors firm it immediately sent a shiver down our spines. "What have we done, how can we get out of it and how long will we be away for?" were our immediate thoughts.

When we discovered that they were actually looking for a whole host of communication work from us, we breathed a sigh of relief and went out for a drink to calm our nerves. But we didn't then drive back to the office. Though if we did, we now knew who would represent us.

The website was designed with potential clients in mind so reflects perfectly the ethos, credibility and personality of the firm. If you look within the site, you will find a short video that was made to quash any myths about debt collection being a "shaved head and bovva boot" process.

As you will see from the stats below, SRF have turned around their business with the help of a fully dynamic website.

It's clear to see that it's been the talk of the town.

Using a combination of both on and offline marketing, social media and good old fashioned word of mouth, the web stats speak for themselves. They don't - that technology hasn't been adopted yet. By driving traffic to their website, SRF have experienced a massive boom in business. And to think it all started with that one little phone call....

Photography - the task of capturing the office at night, from the main road surrounded by intoxicated students wasn't a easy one but we rose to the challenge.

We also spent the day wondering around the offices photographing the staff working, answering the phones, more answering the phones and a bit of typing, theses images have been used across the website, print work and advertising.

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