What do you get if you cross a Dairy Cow
with half a quad bike and a BAMMA ring girl?

Why, the Simonside Challenge of course – an adrenaline fueled, action packed day racing home made soap box carts down a forestry track in the Simonside Hills!

When our elite team of engineers / idiots didn’t get into the Red Bull soapbox challenge, they didn’t give up. Oh no. What they did was to stick the proverbial two fingers up at Red Bull and organised their own instead.
Much as Ian would have liked it, he wasn’t allowed to organise this event “just for a laugh”. That’s not what he gets paid for. (As a side note, we’re still trying to figure out what he does actually get paid for). The purpose of the event was exposure. Exposure for us as innovative, creative and slightly insane marketeers and exposure for the teams entering in terms of press, TV and radio. And while we were at it, we thought “in for a penny…” so raised a bucket load of cash for North East charity The Percy Hedley Foundation, who also found themselves exposed!

What on the surface seemed like a jolly lot of fun was actually an incredibly innovative and clever media spend – for the small entrance fee of £200 each of the teams involved found that they were all of a sudden in the newspaper, on the telly (Sky none the less!) and all over social media. It would be hard to get that much exposure for a flat £200 spend otherwise.

So all in all a lot of fun was had, a lot of money was raised and a lot of media exposure was got. And there wasn’t an injury in sight.

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