Bangers, bacons and blogging - three things that Mark Turnbull does best. The first two have been done by him and his family since 1880. The blogging is a slightly more recent thing.

Turnbulls have had a web presence for some time, they had just never done much with it mainly due to time - they have the busiest butchers in Alnwick and people travel far and wide for their legendary meat!

Enough was enough - Mark decided that to get things up to date the first step was to create a website that would not only showcase their exciting news and events but would facilitate online shopping for their massive customer base. And it's not just Pork through the Post - they offer a fantastic click and collect service so that you can secretly order your supper online while you're in the office and collect it on the way home. Us? No of course not ;)

And then we found ourselves heading for Summer which is BBQ season! Or as we call it, rain-provoking season.

How best to promote Turnbulls fantastic range of BBQ treats? Well, they're all named after local historical characters so really the best thing to do would be to put faces to the names! With names like the Percy Porker and the Bull Master, Mark set about bringing them to life on a printed product guide which was distributed around the region.

Firmly positioned at the head of the butchery table, Turnbulls now have all of their bases covered!

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