Creativity and flair in both food and service.

Having honed their skills in restaurants like The Ritz, The Savoy and JC Novelli W8, it was with open arms that Northumberland welcomed back Neil and Mary Wilkins when they decided to come back to Rothbury to set up shop.

And having got their cheque book out and agreed costs, it was with open arms that lazy grace welcomed them through the doors to discuss branding, websites, photography and print. And can you imagine the welcome they got when, 6 years later, they wanted a refresh, new website and more photography. We could have kissed them. In fact, Ian tried but Neil was having none of it. Mary on the other hand ...

Wilkins Fine Dining - as the name suggests - is a fine dining experience provided by the Wilkins Family. Be it a wedding, celebration, event or you just fancy some really fancy nosh. The food that they create is not only high quality and incredibly tasty, but looks amazing too. So our brief was to reflect this in the brand and website.

We like to think that we achieved this in terms of the style and design. The fact that it has demonstrated longevity has proven that it had stood the test of time. The brand ID that we created has been used throughout websites, social media, printed materials and on clothing and vehicles.

Oh, didn't we mention that we had also built them a modern, fully responsive website too?

It's awesome - in fact, the Wilkins have had a nice amount of compliments about it too! We made sure that the site reflected the quality of their food by using high quality and large images throughout to really make your mouth water ... a bit like this page really!

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