A partnership made in Hexham

In 2012, Youngs Chartered Surveyors merged with Rural Property Services to form the superbrand that is Youngs RPS.

As everyone knows, a superbrand requires a superagency to undertake this, so we donned our capes and masks and came to the rescue.  Actually, there were no capes or masks – we learnt early on that this is inappropriate meeting attire.  However, what we created was certainly something to swing from the rooftops and shout about!

The first step was obviously to address the logo - as ever this process involves visualising the brand in a ‘real life’ situation not just isolated on a blank screen or piece of paper.

If you’ve ever had an ID presentation at lazy grace you’ll know that we show how the logo could work across a stationery set (letterhead, comps slips and business cards) but more often than not we also play with the next step too - and in this case it seemed logical to look at the For Sale and To Let boards - if we can’t make it work here then it’s a sign to think again.
(sign - you see what we did there?)

A series of press and periodical adverts were also developed as part of the branding excercise and released over time to expand awareness and further develop YoungsRPS’s place in the grand scheme of things.

YoungsRPS are ardent attendies at numerous country shows and business expos and needed exhibition displays and support material to tie in with their fab new look.

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