Alnwick Castle - Where History Lives!

Possibly the most iconic castle in Northumberland - Alnwick Castle asked us to help them out with the marketing visuals for their 2022 season.

Like many other tourist destinations the castle was planning its re-opening after the pandemic lockdowns and, with a possible re-brand looming just over the horizon, the budget was tight. But with a huge back catalogue of imagery to choose from we approached the project confident that a cost effective and creative solution could be found.

The first step was to identify the images that best told the story of this ‘living’ attraction.

A suite of primary characters were chosen and isolated from their backgrounds - this enabled us to mix and match them against various castle images to create new scenes that illustrated the many attractions on offer at various times of the year.

We had great fun pairing the characters in many different ways until we hit on the winner - a rather menacing looking knight in full battle armour is faced down by the sweetest little princess you’ll ever see!

Then came the formatting of the myriad of files required for the supporting print and digital marketing campaign!

This is where the flexibility of our approach really came to the fore - because we built each scene using multiple images we could easily re-format them to suite any format or dimension. From wide landscape bus advertising all the way to tall skinny web skyscrapers and everything in between!

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