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For the people and places of Northumberland

Admittedly, something of a labour of love for this project. Coquet Books takes its lead from the great regional publishers of the North East such as Frank Graham. Graham’s volumes make up some of the region's essential reading such as Upper Coquetdale & Whittingham Vale by Dippie Dixon. Now highly collectable and sought after, these are books that have stood the test of time, even in today's digital age.

Coquet Books is an internal Lazy Grace project which hopes to find the classic books of tomorrow. It is unapologetically local in its focus of Northumberland, and specifically, the Coquet Valley.

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Design and layout of publications is of course, one of the key services at Lazy Grace, and indeed we do offer it to authors as a standard paid service. Because of the regional focus and the limited market, for books of the sort Coquet Books publish, this is often an uneconomic option and an author is forced to either shelve their ambition or print it on the cheap. 

Coquet Books provide the solution to design and layout challenges, costs of print and production as well as sales and distribution. It’s a way of authors getting their work into print of top quality production without the risk or overheads of doing it themselves. 

Corporate identity design as well as a bespoke e-commerce website with integrated sales metrics and channel management have delivered encouraging sales. And our network of outlets and distribution contacts have quickly shown that the idea is a good one.

It’s a long-term venture and one who’s success will be measured by metrics other than financial return.

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