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Experience is key

Tom Oates is a chartered surveyor with over 20 year’s experience. At his previous firm, Tom worked his way up through to partner and director and, during his time there, led the firm’s expansion from Northern England into Scotland.

When Tom decided to take the leap and launch his own business he needed a full suite of visual assets - starting with a logo and brand identity that reflected his longstanding and highly respected position within the agricultural community.

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Traditional printed materials are still a crucial part of the offering within the sector, and we designed a site of property particular documents which were both beautiful and simple to adjust and develop for future properties. Maintaining the visual impact as well as keeping ongoing costs down.

The website features a simple, intuitive CMS built around our own bespoke architecture, allowing the in-house team to manage and update the crucial areas they need to without any IT hurdles whatsoever. 

A fresh solution for a new business in a traditional arena that has made its mark in the sector.

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