When one of the largest potato producers in the country gets an idea to look at processing their products and exploring new markets, exciting times lie ahead!

We initially became involved with Mark and his team when they began to think about a brand name for the new venture.

We explored a number of avenues before deciding on the bold but authentic Particularly Good branding. Why Particularly Good? Well the family farm name of “Turvelaws” refers to the land as being of particularly good quality.

Now in production of a range of pre-processed chips and potatoes for the catering trade, the business has its sights aimed much higher and we are sure that you’ll be hearing of Particularly Good produce very soon if you haven’t already!

As well as the business name and corporate identity, we helped the business with the website, provided the graphics for an eye catching catering trailer, a series of point-of-sale materials and shot a selection of studio photography of the products cooked and delicious.

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