work with us

  • Thinking about a project you think we may be able to help with? Don't hesitate to get in touch. We are always up for a totally informal chat, and the kettle's always on.

To get started, we'd always suggest a face-to-face meet up, and thanks to the wonders of Zoom, Teams, etc. geography is no longer an absolute barrier.

It's important we feel we can genuinely add value to your endeavour and if we feel we can't, we'll be honest enough to tell you.

We have a pragmatic view that the only reason we are still around after all of these years, is that we help our clients reach their goals, whatever they may be. 

Working with us - as simple as 1, 2, 3


Understand & Plan

The first stage is always a face to face meet up (which can be virtual) to chat through the bones of your project, your aims & aspirations and of course, to identify "What constitutes success". From this point, we will take some time to discuss your options and needs before presenting our ideas together with the associated costs. This can take the form of a simple quotation, or a full-blown workshop.



The ball is fully in our court at this point. It's up to us to take the details of the planning stage and make them a first-stage reality which will allow us all to see how they could work in the real world. It's a useful tip at this stage to keep your decision-making team to a core to ensure we are all working to a cohesive end-point. Once we have a working model, that's the time to bring in the wider organisation. 


Deliver & Support

Once we are ready to launch, we will ensure that we are aware of any pressures which may help or hinder our chances of success - holidays, staff availability, seasonal peak times, etc. It's important to know that we will work around you and your needs. Once launched and underway, we are always here if you need us. Our support is total and absolutely without charge. On top of that, you can speak to the team or individual that will be able to help - not some middle-man or salesperson.

Tell us about your upcoming project

To get the ball rolling, give us a brief outline of yourself and your project and it'll help us get some ideas together before we meet up.

All enquiries are treated with the strictest of confidence and no obligation is offered or expected.